Recognition in Global and in International Education Ecosystem...

ECC has been making waves as a go-to educational service in global and local communities. With our commitment to excellence as a cornerstone of our mission, below are a few snapshots.

May+9,+2018 / In the News

Wilfrid Laurier University Visit – 2018

Wilfrid Laurier University Visit
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May+4,+2018 / In the News

Humber College Visit – 2018

Humber College Visit
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April+27,+2018 / In the News

University Of Regina Visit – 2018

University Of Regina Visit
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April+25,+2018 / In the News

KPU Visit – 2018

KPU Visit
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November+15,+2016 / In the News

ICEF Berlin – 2016

ICEF Berlin  International Consultant for Educational and Fairs (ICEF) Event bringing together international educators, industry service providers, and student recruitment...
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August+24,+2016 / In the News

E&Y Young Entrepreneur Nomination – 2016

E&Y Young Entrepreneur Nomination Event Exclusive invitation for a gala that brings together the region’s accelerators, innovators, business leaders and...
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July+15,+2016 / In the News

Education Fair Ahmedabad – 2016

Education Fair Ahmedabad 2016
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July+15,+2015 / In the News

FAM Trip Of India Office – 2015

Invitation From Georgian College To Start Performers of India Office.
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September+1,+2014 / In the News

Seminar ICEF Conference – 2014

International Consultant for Educational and Fairs (ICEF) conference attended in Vancouver.
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January+16,+2013 / In the News

Revamped Office – 2013

Education Consultants Canada (ECC) Ahmedabad Office 2013
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