Our Solutions 

At ECC, we understand the vast array of solutions needed for prospective students who are looking to study abroad. That’s why we offer comprehensive services that cater to every step from researching institutions to post-landing services. Among ECC’s customized solutions are: 

  • Career counseling
  • Covering the prerequisites /Predeparture guidance
  • Selection of country, university/college, programs
  • End to End application process assistance
  • Pathway program planning
  • Coaching and guiding in cost estimation
  • VISA Assistance

    Post Landing Services:

  • Internship opportunities
  • Mentoring/Networking Opportunities /Connecting to the community
  • Immigration related advice
  • Banking solutions
  • Travel, Accommodation, and Insurance Services
  • Telecom Services Options.

What We Do

1. “We are rooted in the Past but with an eye towards the Future”. ECC Hive empowers international students interested to study abroad, by striking the right balance of leveraging technology through AI tools and creating the human connection from our education counsellors.

2. Through our new revamped online portal ECC Hive, we are committed to helping international students achieve their study-abroad goals by providing access to our world-class education ecosystem. We strive to make the entire process smoother and more efficient while providing support and guidance every step of the way. 

3. Our EdTech platform, Click To Connect at ECC Hive as well as our cutting-edge customise personal counselling services, we are dedicated to cultivating a culture of excellence in international education and helping “One Student At a Time” to reach their full potential.

4. With ECC Hive, we’re dedicated to supporting international students as they pursue their dreams of studying anywhere in the world.

We’re passionate about helping student who wishes to study in Canada, USA, UK, Singapore, Australia, Germany and beyond! 

Become a part of the next generation of global leaders? So, why wait? Join us on a path to success and let ECC Hive unlock your potential today!

How Do I Get Started?


Fill in your Information.

Name, Birth of Date, Citizenship, Country Applying From, Education Qualifications, English Proficiency Scores


Upload all Necessary Documents

Passport, English Proficiency Results, High School or equivalent Transcripts, Post-Secondary Records, Work Experience, Resume


Access to our Portal

Online accessibility to one of our counselors, review/edit your information, and view your application status.


Assessment of Profile

List of institutions and programs provided post-assessment that is relevant to the student's academic profile (within 2 business days).


Review and Selection

Student reviews and chooses from the list of programs and academic institutions.


Application Submission

Post-completion and verification of documents and the application is submitted.


Hurrah! You Are Accepted !

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Explore Study Destination

To help you find your perfect destination, just browse by the countries here and find out more about what it's like to study and live there!

Looking for Immigration Services?

To learn more about immigration services, visit SSR Immigration Service.

Have a Question For Us?

How much do I have to pay for counseling?

Contact one of our associates to get more details

When should I apply for school?

A: Intakes
Fall – September
Winter – January
Summer– May.

Fall and Winter sessions offer majority of the programs whereas only few programs are offered during Summer sessions. Students must carefully consider the graduate & undergraduate programs availability before applying for studying in Canada. Also, not all the institutions offer admissions in Summer intake.

Processing Time
Normal processing times have changed drastically in the past 1-2 years for community colleges as well as university. We recommend applying well ahead of the start date. The dates and deadlines change almost every day and thus, we advice students to directly contact us at inquiries@eccanada.com or send a message on our WhatsApp number: +1 (647) 627-5400.

Can I work part time while studying in Canada?

You are permitted to work 20 hours per week while attending school, but you are not permitted to work in Canada without a work permit.

Can I work abroad after I have finished completing my studies?

The answer is you can’t, after your program ends, you can’t start working without a work permit. If your student visa is going to expire you need to leave the country before it does.

Still Have Questions?

Visit our FAQ section for more frequently asked questions.

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