ECC Grand Opening For The New Office in the Philippines

EDUCATION CONSULTANTS CANADA (ECC) ASR GROUP INC. gave me an opportunity to come to the Philippines to renovate and monitor the reopening of the #philippine #office in Pasig #postpandemic and to do training for the team Philippines.

I would like to express my gratitude for the trust that you gave me to do all this work. I can admit that it has not been easy throughout as I had to face many unexpected challenges but thank you for not letting me to go through it alone Nene Miranda, ABHAY RAIMounika Reddy and Sanchari Sen Rai thank you for the support and encouragement that help me to surpass these difficulties. I have learned so much in the process and I can say that it was all worth it. Thank you Rajarshi Das, Medha Kisto and Shivani Monpara for helping me train the Philippines team.

I would also want to congratulate the PH TEAM you are all amazing and it has been great to work with both of you. Thank you Joyce Rubio and Geraldine Cabildo for all the hard work, support and eagerness to learn. I am confident that you both are ready and know that I and the whole Canada team will always be here if you need any help and guidance about anything. I will surely miss you all and I am hoping to see you all again soon. This is just the beginning of more success to come 🥳

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